Waist Training by Bodied Bella

Waist Training by Bodied Bella

Want a smaller waist naturally? Waist train and achieve the goals you desire! Waist Training has many misconceptions. Waist Training is very beneficial. It helps with posture, strengthens abdomen, and allows you to cinch 1-3 inches in 6 weeks. Waist training is not a quick fix for a night out, Waist training is to train for permanent desirable results. The solution to a quick fix for a night out is using your shape wear correctly for that elegant classy dress or the ratchet one but ultimately you want your figure to be a smooth hourglass figure! You can waist train in any latex waist trainer or just waist train around the house while cleaning up, working or while taking the kids to the park! Exercise should not be done in a Corset. 

The difference between a corset and a waist trainer are noticeable. 

A corset ties up in the back has steel bones and clamps in the front. A latex waist trainer only clamps in the front. 

Corsets & Waist trainers are safe. You have never heard of anyone being hospitalized for waist training. Women have been utilizing corsets since the 1600's and before. The trend for corsets started to disappear as plastic surgery and doctors try to give a dangerous alternatives. The amount of time you spend recovering from plastic surgery you could have been getting Bodied by Bella naturally and safe! Waist Training will lose 1-3 inches within 6 weeks. Each 6 weeks you cinch down to a smaller size trainer. 


The best way to put your trainer on is to clamp your trainer from the bottom up. 

If you have a corset that needs to be laced. Take the lace out of the corset if it is one long lace cut the lace in half. You should have two laces. Once lace you will lace from the bottom to he middle the other lace you will lace from the top to the middle. This causes the hour glass shape as the corset should be tied in the middle. This technique for tying your corset is called the BELLA TIE. This technique will give you an hour glass shape a flat stomach the perfect posture while enhancing your butt and hips!


* DO NOT drink or eat anything that will bloat you as this will cause discomfort and you will end up taking your trainer off. Do not drink soda and caffeine while training. Water is your best friend. 

Waist training is addictive. The hug you feel while waist training is comforting and you will enjoy the snug fit daily while achieving your body goals. 

Wear a cami or a corset liner under your corset for comfort. This is specifically for steel boned tie up trainers only. This is not intended for latex waist trainers. Allow those trainers to be skin to trainer. 

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