Bella Contour Belt - Bodied By Bella Boutique
Bella Contour Belt - Bodied By Bella Boutique

Contour Belt by Bella

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This Contour Belt is a Favorite! Shape & Contour your waist! Used by many celebrities to achieve and maintain their hour glass figure!

Bella Contour Workout trainer! You can workout in this trainer and target your waist for an hour glass shape. 

Also can be paired with the slimming package while slimming with the natural cream products wear this contour belt to shape to an hour glass shape while burning fat, cellulite and tightening any loose skin.

1.This sports trainer is a hot body shaper that can contour your body sculpting powerfully.

2.High quality mesh and cotton material & more breathable.

3.Features 4 wider plastic bones, more effective to control your waist.

4.It reduces the waistline and helps adjust the body's fat distribution effectively.

5.Waist trainer's apply a certain force to your muscles and adjust the force thru balance and movement.