Bella Butt Enhancement Combo - Bodied By Bella Boutique
Bella Butt Enhancement Combo - Bodied By Bella Boutique

Bella Butt Enhancement Combo

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Achieve the Butt you desire naturally enhancing your own beauty! Get Bodied by Bella!

Bodied By Bella is #1 selling Enhanced formula for butt enhancement on the market! Use both Cream and Pills for max results!

The pills are best taken with biggest meal once daily!
Bella's butt enhancement contains a patented formula, clinically proven to naturally increase the size and count of fat cells in the buttocks. It is 100% natural, with no parabens, petroleum by-products, propolyne glycol or silicon oils. Furthermore, made in the USA.

Bella's butt enhancement products are 100% all natural organic products with 100% all natural organic ingredients.Each individual ingredient alone enhances you butt and we have combined it together for an amazing product that brings desirable results! Bella's butt enhancement offers cream or pills. The cream is topical use and the pills are ingested. The cream increases the growth of fat cells in count and size. Cream works where applied on butt hips and thighs only. While the pills direct your body to store fat in your butt, hips, and thighs. Results are a slow gradual natural change, not an overnight drastic one. Others will notice before you and you will notice slight changes at or around 60 days of use. One full treatment is 6 months of use. 60 days is 1/3 of your treatment. Desirable results take at least one full treatment. Bella's all natural butt enhancement products have been clinically tested by a medical doctor and proven safe and effective!

Recommended Use
Massage a dime size amount onto the buttocks in a circular motion until its fully absorbed (20-30 seconds). It works by naturally increasing the size and count of fat cells in the butt, hips and thighs for a dramatic increase in buttocks fullness, roundness, and firmness.

 Increases the Number and Size of Fat Cells