About Us

Bodied by Bella Boutique was founded in 2014 by Bella Nicole Proto. Bella was living in the Urban community, trying to find a way out of poverty by attending college as an Italian woman in America. As any Woman no matter the location, skin color, size or education Bella was always self conscious of  her body. Especially with the rise in dangerous plastic surgery and the images throughout social media and television that women & young girls would have to endure to feel beautiful. 

Message from Bella:

"So I created Bodied by Bella Boutique to offer All Natural Organic and safe products to reach your body goals! Our products have been clinically tested safe & effective in Clinical Trials. Our Butt Enhancement product is the #1 selling all natural Butt Enhancement Products available. Our Breast Enhancement is also Safe & Effective.

We support Waist training or Cinching in a Corset as the woman back as late as the 1500's where utilizing this technique to achieve an hour glass figure from young ages. The same down time one would endure from surgeries they could use on Natural Supplements to gain the body they desire in a safe and natural method.

I hope you Fall in Love with your new body & the products! I love my customers to death! Enjoy the products and slow natural gradual change to the body you desire!"

Bodied by Bella Boutique was Created while Bella Attended University of South Florida. The Idea of Natural Butt Enhancements was Genius but to create one that actually works to deliver a product that the customer could actually see real results from and help increase their self esteem & rid any insecurities without dangerous methods of surgeries was Epic! 

The Formula created by Bella Nicole Proto is 100% Organic All Natural Ingredients. Each individual ingredient alone works for enhancement of your Butt. (or in breast enhancement- breast, stretch mark cream- stretch marks ect.) there is no bi-products or chemicals. Just natural ingredients that produce amazing products. Natural Ingredients God has provided us to use to achieve our desires. Bella was always a naturalist or herbalists even when it comes to illness, sickness or preventive use; medicines or pharmacy is not an option. 

We hope you enjoy your journey to the body you deserve and desire and even more we hope you Fall in love with your naturally achieved body with a Natural look avoiding the botched look. Fall in love with our products as much as we have. 

We Love you !!!

Bodied by Bella Boutique