Q:  Are the results permanent?

A:  Yes, all results are permanent results. 

Q:  How long until I see results?

A:  Slow natural gradual change. Others will notice before you notice. You see yourself daily. You will start to notice a change at or around 30-60 days of use. One full treatment for full results is 6 months of use.

Q:  Do you have any reviews?

A:  Yes, some reviews are located in the Results tab. 

Q:  Can these products be used while taking medication or Birth control?

A:  Yes, all products are 100% natural & organic ingredients. These products are safer to us or consume then your average fast food restaurant. 

Q:  Can I use these products while Breast feeding?

A:  Yes, the only products we suggest you do not take while breast feeding would be the pill form supplements. 

Q: Can I use these products while pregnant?

A:  Any of the lotions are safe for use while pregnant. *Do not use the Breast care products while pregnant as your breasts and hormones will be adjusting. Do not Waist Train while pregnant. Do not use the Yoni Care products while pregnant.