Stretch Mark Removal Gel
Stretch Mark Removal Gel
Seaweed Gold Cold Stretch Mark Removal - Bodied By Bella Boutique

Stretch Mark Removal Gel

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Organic seaweed stretch mark removal cream 

Seaweed Gold Cold gel:
Short description: Massaging gel that generates a cold sensation where applied, helping tone skin.
Indicated for: People who exercise, have a healthy diet, and want to reduce flabbiness.
Seaweed Gold Cold gel Ingredients: Asiatic centella, seaweed, menthol, and camphor.
Correct use: Apply with circular motions on the abdomen, legs, buttocks or any desired body area until the complete absorption of the product. Rinsing is not required. Day/morning use is recommended.
Action: The Asiatic centella stimulates the amino acid attachment to collagen fibers, improving the elasticity, firmness and resistance of the skin. The seaweed tonic the skin. The menthol and camphor produce a cold sensation which tones the skin and removes stretch marks.